Culture Miel sweets

A bit of sweetness throughout the day

The sweets range is available in three lines:

  • Honey sweets: hard, soft or crunchy; the honey flavour of these delicious sweet treats will make you melt with pleasure.

  • Fancy sweets*: A lovely assortment of sweetmeats with fruity and floral flavours.

    Traditional sweets (fruit “berlingots” (boiled sweets), violet-flavoured sweets, etc.) for a nostalgic feeling

  • Children’s sweets*: sugar-coated, jelly or sour sweets, a big hit with children.

    A thrill and a treat for children. 

There are over 50 varieties available to treat gourmands.

* Available in the Abeille Délicieuse brand.


Honey “nougats”

Culture Miel also has honey nougats. Rich in almonds and honey (19%), they are soft and creamy. “Nougats” are available in 30 or 100 g bars and 200 g packets of individually wrapped blocks.


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"For your health, avoid eating too much fat, sugar and salt"

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