The best honey from France and around the world

Selecting the best honey

Culture Miel meticulously selects the best honey from all around the world. We package and commercialise them in France and abroad. We have local honey, for example Gâtinais honey or blossom honey as well as unifloral honey, which is rarer and more in demand.  

The Culture Miel range offers its consumers a wide choice to satisfy all types of food lovers. It extends from the lightest subtle tasting honey (Acacia, Lemon, Lime, etc.) to the darkest one with stronger features (Chestnut, Heather, Fir, etc.).

Each honey species is analysed by the internal company laboratory to guarantee its quality. It is then packaged in different sizes, from 45 g to 1 kg and up to 1,200 kg-containers for manufacturers.


Very diverse ways to have honey

Honey is a true ally for your well-being and your desire for sweetness and goes well with breakfast toast, salty or sweet dishes and cold or hot beverages. It is also an ingredient in numerous pharmaceutical and cosmetics products.


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"For your health, avoid eating too much fat, sugar and salt"

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