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Other biscuits and cakes by Culture Miel

Honey delicacies

Culture Miel has a choice of honey biscuits and cakes:

  • Honey “speculoos” (ginger biscuits)

A crunchy honey “speculoos” during coffee break is a treat for anyone. It is a delicious little cane sugar biscuit, with honey and cinnamon.


  • Honey waffles

The honey waffle combines a crispy texture and a golden colour with a delicious creamy honey caramel filling.


  • Honey “madeleines” (small individual shell-shaped cakes)

The honey “madeleines” are savoury and smooth with 15% honey. They are the perfect snack when you are slightly hungry.


  • Honey cake with candied fruits

The candied fruit cake is refined by the mildness of honey which gives it that little hint of sweet softness.


Other sweet treats for the taste buds

Culture Miel also has pure butter biscuits (lemon, chocolate chip, etc.), “rochers” (rock-shaped pastry/sweets) and mini coconut macaroons.


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