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Culture Miel jams

Fruity savoury spreads

Culture Miel has jams with 55g of fruit per 100g of jam. Cane sugar gives these jams a delicate flavour.


A diverse and wide variety of jams *

37 recipes are available: from the most traditional (strawberry, apricot, raspberry, etc.) to the most daring (lychee-strawberry, peach-mango, etc.).


Jellies, spreads and marmalades *

Culture Miel also has jellies (quince and apple), spreads (chestnut and prune) as well as marmalades (sliced orange, lime, mandarin orange, etc.).


Honey jams **

Culture Miel has 5 recipes with 10% honey: Apricot/Honey, Fig/Honey, 4 Red Berries/Honey, Orange Marmalade/Honey and Strawberry/Honey.


All these sweet treats go well with bread for the tastiest breakfast or snack.

* Available to Abeille Délicieuse brand

** Available to Apiarists


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