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Honey beverages

Saint-Ambroise, the honey beverage brand

The range of honey beverages is commercialised under the brand, Saint-Ambroise, protector of bees and Patron Saint of apiarists.

Culture miel has these original beverages:


  • Hydromel (Mead)

Hydromel is an alcoholic beverage (13.5%) made from the fermentation of water and honey. True honey lovers like this beverage. The famous nectar and ambrosia of the Olympian Gods was a honey and hydromel-based beverage.


  • The "Saint-Ambroise" beverages

The St Ambroise beverages are Barley malt and honey-based beverages. Legend has it that Ceres, goddess of harvests and grain crops, discovered a beverage and gave it to people whose land was not suitable for planting vineyards. This beverage, based on honey and cereals then became the popular beverage among the Gauls.

Culture Miel has them in two varieties:

    • The 4.5% alcohol pale mead with Lime Blossom honey which gives it a slightly mentholated taste;
    • The 8% alcohol triple golden mead with Heather honey which reinforces the bitterness.


  • The Honey Cider Cocktail

The Honey Cider cocktail is a surprising combination of cider, honey and blackcurrant which produces a pleasant beverage with fruity notes.

Just taste it! Serve cool as an aperitif or with snacks.


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