Traditional French honey gingerbreads 

French gingerbread-making

The honey gingerbread is baked in the purest French tradition in the Villemandeur (45) workshop in France.


The finest ingredients for high-quality honey gingerbreads

Biscuiterie de France's fine gingerbread ingredients: rye flour, honey, cane sugar, spices, etc. are the reasons why this pastry is so famous. Recipes are palm oil-free.


Honey gingerbread: a pleasure at any time

It is good at any moment of the day: for breakfast, a snack, an aperitif, as toast, with a meal, with cheese or as a dessert. It is also ideal when practising sports that require endurance. Honey gingerbread is recommended for sportsmen/women because it is rich in carbohydrates and low in lipids.


A wide choice for everybody's taste

Different recipes are available: chocolate chips, dried fruits, citrus fruit rind, etc… Gourmands will love these products.


Diverse honey gingerbread packages

Honey gingerbreads are sold in packs of 2-slices to 2 kg.


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"For your health, avoid eating too much fat, sugar and salt"

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