Culture Miel selects the best honey

The Culture Miel laboratory, a guarantee of quality

Because it always wanted to offer high-quality honey, the company created its own internal analysis and quality control laboratory in 1988.

This laboratory enables selecting, identifying, analysing, controlling and guaranteeing the quality of each honey.


Culture Miel analyses honey

Cuture Miel selects a wide variety of honey: from the lightest to the darkest and from the mildest to the most full-bodied, to satisfy all needs and all taste buds...

Once selected, the honey is controlled by sampling in several stages: on receipt and during preparation and packaging.


Traceability of all products

The traceability of all the products sold is monitored by management software to continuously and increasingly guarantee their quality.


The laboratory is approved by FranceAgriMer

Culture Miel is approved by the French organisation for Agricultural and Sea products called FranceAgriMer. This approval makes it a referent for analyses, and enables apiarists to benefit from preferential prices for each analysis of their honey.


Culture Miel invests in an inter-laboratory network

The company is also a member of an inter-laboratory network monitored by the BIPEA (International bureau for analytical studies). These comparison campaigns contribute to the precise evaluation of the performance of laboratory analyses in the short, medium and long term.


External analyses are also carried-out

In addition, Culture Miel calls on external laboratories for its micro biological, specific antibiotics, pesticides, insecticides, heavy metals and radioactivity studies.


A high quality selection for gourmands

All these internal and external studies guarantee the intrinsic qualities of each honey.

Every honey provided by Culture Miel meets the standards and requirements that the company imposes on itself, in order to offer the best to its clients.


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