Culture Miel is certified by various organisations

Guaranteed food safety

Culture Miel applies the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) management system. It identifies, evaluates and controls significant hazards related to the safety of packaged foods.


The production site has obtained the following certification:

  • SAFE & LEGAL by SAI Global France, since October 2013

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    It is specifically designed for small food products manufacturers: it is a real springboard to meet BRC (a common food safety requirements base for brand name product manufacturers) requirements.

  • Culture Miel commercialises various products under the label:


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    AB certification guarantees that a food product contains 100% organically produced ingredients or at least 95% organically grown products in the case of transformed products. The organic method of production employs agronomic and rearing practices that are respectful of natural balances, the environmental and the well-being of animals.

  • MAX HAVELAAR Fair trade gingerbread certified by FLOCERT

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    Max Havelaar is an international solidarity organisation. Through its label, this movement guarantees fairer commercial conditions for African, Latin American and Asian producers. Producers are therefore able to combat poverty, be in a better position of strength and take their own future in hand.

    Max Havelaar is an essential and important link in the chain of worldwide fair trade.

  • IGP (PGI) Honey certified by QUALISUD for Provence PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) honey

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    The protected geographic indication (PGI) is a European and quality identification sign that enables the preservation of geographic denominations. It is attributed to specific products with a geographic name and connected to their geographic origin. The PGI makes it possible to defend the origin of a product in the entire European Union.

  • AOP (PDO) Corsica Honey certified by CERTIPAQ for 2 varieties (chestnut grove honey and scrubland honeydew)

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    The protected designation of origin (PDO) appellation is a European identification sign. Created in 1992, the PDO designates a product for which all the stages of fabrication are carried out according to recognized expertise in the same geographic region, which gives its characteristics to the product. It implies a close link between the product, the land and human know-how.


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