Culture Miel, specialist in the valorisation of honey

Culture Miel is dedicated to selecting, packaging and distributing honey from around the world.

Founded on the valorisation of honey, they have a generous offer of beehive products and tasty high-quality honey-based specialities (biscuits, sweets, etc.)

The company is established in various distribution niches and shares their excellent products with the vast majority of them.

Culture Miel emphasises quality, food safety and the environment.

The company's identity lies in its values:

  • Expertise in high-quality products: For over 75 years the company has been selecting the best specialities for their clients. They are committed to commercialising products that are in conformance with current regulations and which are good and healthy. Their laboratory guarantees the quality of all their products.
  • Respect for humans: Humans are fundamental for the smooth running of the company. Human values are undeniable and the company attaches great importance to the respect of each person. Culture Miel grants this same quality of relationship to their suppliers, partners and clients.
  • Respect for the environment: Culture Miel is reinforcing their activities within the organic food sectors because they contribute to the development of crops and to environmental balances. It is a real challenge for the longevity of their activities and those of the associated economic stakeholders.
  • Dynamism: The company develops and adapts to the multiple behaviours and needs of the markets. They regularly provide new products for their clients.


Today, 46 people share this passion and participate in the selection, production and commercialisation of the Culture Miel offer to the great satisfaction of clients and consumers.


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