Culture Miel, the passion for honey

A traditional family company

1936: Miels Villeneuve is created after the business of an apiarist in Villemandeur in the Loiret (45) department was purchased. The production and sale of honey on local markets then becomes their focus.

1952: The company opens its own shop, completing its sales network on markets and consignment sale in Paris.

1965: Miels Villeneuve builds a new shop 5km from Montargis, on the mythical road: Route Nationale 7.


Miels Villeneuve adapts to the modern world

Through the years, the company develops and adapts to the numerous eating behaviours and needs of the market.

1974: The company moves and goes from small-scale to industrial. It changes to a honey packaging and commercialisation company, and abandons its apiculture activities.

1984: A department dedicated to international trade is created. Thanks to its participation in various professional exhibitions, the company surpasses the local and regional boundaries.

1988: The company sets up its own analysis and quality control laboratory to improve the selection of its honey.

2001: The company has a new 4,000 m2 site built in the development area of Villemandeur (45) enabling better treatment of the entire production and shipment chain.


Acquisition of a gingerbread business

2008: Miels Villeneuve buys 51% of the shares of Biscuiterie de France, a traditional gingerbread maker for 60 years. Their business is then transferred from Boulogne-Billancourt (92) to Villemandeur (45) on a new modern site.


A decisive meeting

2009: The start of a close collaboration between Daniel VILLENEUVE and Thierry LAUVERGEAT, with the aim of transferring Miels Villeneuve.

2010: Miels Villeneuve welcomes Thierry Lauvergeat as Managing Director. This new shareholder serenely plans the future with the desire to continue to valorise honey in the company's tradition.

2014: Biscuiterie de France entirely belongs to Miels Villeneuve.

End of 2014: Thierry LAUVERGEAT is appointed Chairman and Managing Director.


A new lease on life: Culture Miel

2015: Miels Villeneuve and Biscuiterie de France change their identity and become: Culture Miel.


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