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L’Abeille Délicieuse, from the Garden to the table

L’Abeille Délicieuse is the brand distributed in garden centres.

The brand, L'Abeille Délicieuse is a pioneer in this line of business and offers honey, beehive products and honey-based specialities:

  • Classic, rare, or exceptional honey,
  • Pollen and Royal Jelly,
  • Honey biscuits,
  • “Nonnettes” (Sologne iced gingerbread filled with jam),
  • Gingerbreads,
  • Honey beverages,
  • Honey sweets.

To attract more consumers, the brand, L'Abeille Délicieuse also has products without honey such as sugar sweets or jellied sweets.

In addition, L'Abeille Délicieuse has 40 jams that contain 55% fruit and cane sugar. Flavours ranging from standard red berries to the most daring ones, such as rose petal and Orange-Gingerbread jam are avaialble.


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