01-07-2015 | Change in the corporate name

In 2015, Miels Villeneuve became "Culture Miel"

Logo cultureMiel, la terre, les hommes, le miel

"The development of our businesses and notably, joining forces with the Biscuiterie de France gingerbread production unit as well as the change in shareholding, naturally led us to create a new identity.

Miels Villeneuve and Biscuiterie de France are now: Culture Miel 

More than ever, honey is the centre of our business, and this stamp marks a new phase in our future history.


Culture Miel evokes the fundamental value of the land, its relationship with humans, and the respect for the cultivation of crops and for origins. We hold diversity and Biodiversity sacred.


We are aware of the changes in the world in which we belong. Our mission is to valorise honey and this is what we have done, are doing and will continue to do.


Through our work, Culture Miel contributes to honouring the work of apiarists and farmers, guarantors of the longevity of bees, pollination and the maintenance of the plant balance.


It is with pride that we wish to transmit our know-how to future generations."




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